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Jean Monti auf dem Hochmast

Jean Monti (High wire And Sway Pole Show) This is a spectacular new act on the show circuit, well worth using at your next show

Jean Monti Highwire and Sway Pole Show is based in Germany. Jean comes from four generations of circus and highwire entertainers.

He provides the most spectacular show, climbing to the top of a 58 metre pole (over 185ft). balancing on his hands and swaying to and fro. Jean can also present his show on a 42 metre high Sway Pole at a lesser price.

He also walks 100 yds up a wire from the ground to a height of 25 metres, using only a pole for balance.

He rides a motorcycle up the same wire, with an assistant hanging beneath, performing a series of hair-raising manoeuvres in the process. He has travelled around the world with the act; to Central America, Dubai, Oman, Pakistan, Japan, China and Malaysia.

He has made several successful appearances in the UK, including the Southsea Show, Maidstone River Festival, Halton Show, Eye Show and Garlic Festival on the Isle of Wight and Melton Mowbray Show. There are three shows that can be booked independently. The Sway Pole requires very little space, as it is trailer-mounted.

The wire(s) used for the wire walk or motorcycle act comes off the Sway Pole tower and can be lowered between shows if required, though the wire is high enough off the ground to work under. This act can also work indoors. This is a spectacular act on the show circuit, well worth using at your next show.

We work on all large events in the whole of europe and overseas.

Jean Monti auf dem Hochseil

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